History of Japan education system

 The Japanese have been under the influence of the Chinese Civilization for centuries. This situation is clearly evident in writing systems, belief styles, painting and handicrafts. Another of the societies under the influence of the Japanese was the Koreans. Founding of the Empire of Japan It dates back to the 6th century. The first legal regulations regarding society in Japan are based on the 17-article constitution of Prince Sohotoku in the 6th century and the Tahio Constitution, which was put into effect in 701. These constitutions, dominated by Confucianism, formed the basis of Japanese law until the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Japanese educational institutions are systematized in terms of organization and program with the Taiho Constitution. In this regulation, an education system that addresses only the noble classes was envisaged and it was aimed to train civil servants for the state. Accordingly, it was envisaged that the children of high-ranking civil servants should receive a